Poetry Found

Poetry in little booklets,
Scattered all around.
In bars, on buses
Or café tables,
Waiting to be found!


'Poetry Found' is a series of little poetry booklets, half the size of a business card.  Small but perfectly formed and just waiting to be found.  Poetry can be found anywhere, it doesn't have to be confined to the pages of a book (although this does make it easier to leave it in public places!)  'Poetry Found' is also an inversion of the poetic form 'found poetry' which again reinforces the idea of poetry being everywhere and of course, I'm hoping they will be 'found' and enjoyed!

Booklets are generally scattered by the contributing poets and the Liverpool poet, but if you are interested in becoming a puff of poetic wind that sends our seeds on their way, just send a message. 

Because 'Poetry Found' is not funded, if you would like some booklets, we'd really appreciate a small donation to help us cover costs, please send any donations via paypal to  poetry.found@yahoo.co.uk or click on the link below.

Please consider helping to fund 'Poetry Found' by making a donation, after all, paper doesn't grow on trees :0)

Ideas of places to scatter to get you started; inside books or other poetry mags in libraries, bookshops and newsagents etc, tucked inside menu holders in restaurants, left on top of hand dryers in bathrooms, left behind curtains and in drawers in hotel rooms, hung over the edges of leaflet holders in theatres, museums, galleries, tourist info offices, hospitals, wherever! 

Be creative, let us know of any clever or interesting places that you leave them and send us photos. We have a gallery of the wonderful and bizarre locations they have been scattered on facebook.

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But, don't be too bizarre about where you leave them though as we want people to actually find them!!! :0)

So they don't completely disappear into the ether and to make it all a little more interactive, on the inside cover, we ask people who find them to let us know where and when they found a booklet. 

Along with any other comments they make, we put this info onto a poetry map on our web site.


Have you put us on the map?

If you find one of our little booklets we'd love you to drop us an e-mail to poetry.found@yahoo.co.uk with your comments.

Please tell us; which issue number
                where you found it
               when you found it

and we'll put you on the map!  

See where we've been found so far by clicking on the map!


Read about us in the summer 2007 issue of ABCtales mag

And the booklets...look out for them on a café table near you! ;0)

Poetry Found is an ongoing project of the LIVERPOOL POET