Saturday 15th September

Went to St George's Hall for the inaugural reading of 'The Liverpool Saga' by Roger McGough.  Pinched these pics from the beeb web site, you'll see Ian and myself on the front row, well, at least I know it was us!  Roger McGough is the one on the stage! :0)

Here's the link to the poem and more info about the saga,
my lines from the poem are...

I’m a Liver bird, verdigris and aloof.
They made me their emblem,
They made me rustproof
And I’ll not leave this city, cos I’m tied to the roof."

I'm very proud to be part of all this and Phil Redmond, who devised the project, announced that eventually the poem will be put onto a brass plaque which will be put into the Liverpool museum.  

St. George's Hall is a beautiful building and the room we were in had a magnificent chandelier, very 'Phantom of the Opera'.

Friday 14th Sept

Went to Liverpool to pick up a cple of tickets from Radio Merseyside to see/hear Roger McGough read 'The Liverpool Saga', the 800 line poem comprising submissions from local poets to celebrate Liverpool's 800th birthday.  I received an e-mail from Radio Merseyside on Wednesday saying...

Dear Poet,

Thank you for your submission to the Liverpool Saga.
I am delighted to be able to tell you that some of your contribution has been used in this, the version which we plan to launch with Roger McGough on Saturday 15th September. You will be able to read the whole 800 lines at

We asked two local poets to take on the task of reading through over three thousand lines of verse and weaving words into eight hundred lines.
Sometimes a single line or even phrase has been used alongside another submission, to create what we hope you will agree, is a lovely flowing piece of literature.
We want to thank you for taking part in this initiative. Eventually every entry will be placed on the web so that people could, if they wished, devise their own eight hundred lines. There is a sense then that this official launch represents only the first draft!

So, what next? We hope to record all eight hundred lines using local voices, and we may be in touch to see if you would like to record your lines as part of this oral rendition of the Saga.
Eventually the hope is that we can gift this version to the city in perpetuity as a lyrical snapshot of the thoughts and ideas of poets in 2007.

We hope you enjoy reading the Liverpool Saga, and thank you once again for taking part.

While we there we dropped some more cards off at 'News From Nowhere' and called into 'Leaf' a new tea shop/coffee bar in Roscoe Lane, near St Luke's, and had lunch and a chat with Natalie who runs the place.  With a bit of luck, they'll be stocking some cards, she just has to check with the owner, finger's x'd!

Also popped in to the Bluecoat bookshop (opposite Radio Merseyside, in Gostin's arcade) and picked up a copy of Richard E Grant's 'The Wah Wah Diaries'.  I've just finished his 'With Nails' and really enjoyed it, hope this one's as good.

We also called in to the Chinese supermarket in China Town and picked up some seasoning as I'm going to attempt to recreate our favourite takeaway dish 'salt and pepper chicken'.  A fabulous aroma in there and some weird, wonderful and colourful packets of things, will have to go back and have another browse another time.

Friday 7th Sept

Popped into the Tate at the Albert Dock and bumped into Jason, he runs the Wirral Ode Show and works at the Tate.  He very kindly gave us a cple of comps to see the Peter Blake retrospective.  I felt as if PB should do it for me but he didn't, Ian likes his work though and, of course, the famous Sgt Peppers album cover was on show.

Afterwoods had a nice breakfast barm at one of the cafes at the dock and then went to Lark Lane.  Really nice, chilled out, boho feel to it.  Saw a really funky, gothic styled restaurant which we'll hopefully try out soon, 'Negresco'.  Reminiscent of 'Interview with the Vampire'.  The gallery on Lark Lane have taken some of my cards too, cool!  A glass of vino in Keith's wine bar rounded the day off nicely.

Saturday 8th Sept

I really love art cafes!  The Liverpool Art Cafe on West Derby Rd in Tuebrook has to go down as one of my favourites, especially as they've taken some of my cards ;0)

Owned and run by Tom Murphy and his wife Catherine.  Tom is a famous Liverpool sculptor and his works can be seen all over Liverpool; 
the John Lennon statue at the airport, Bill Shankly with his arms outstretched at Anfield, the Moores brothers which used to be outside Littlewoods, Billy Fury at the Museum of Liverpool Life and several others.

Catherine is really welcoming, the food was great and it was just nice and relaxed.  I didn't want to move but we wanted to have a chat with Tom and we found him just up the road at the 'Community Arts and Heritage Festival' in the 'Hope centre'.  Loved the paintings of Frank Hendry, especially his one of Liverpool during the blitz. and saw more of Tom's work.  Really enjoyed talking to Tom and hope to see him and Catherine again.  

Then we dropped some cards off at the Lark Lane gallery and had another glass of wine in Keith's wine bar.  I do like Lark Lane :0)